Support for 2022


 2012FestivalTrue to the magnanimous spirit of founder Scott Meyer, the Festival is dedicated to engaging the local community, sharing the love of books, and encouraging writers of all ages.

The Festival has been organized with minimum expense since its inception in 2008. A group of resourceful volunteers do all the work; Millbrook Library provides the venue for the presentations; Merritt Bookstore arranges for the availability of books by participating authors and processes all book sales.

Millbrook Literary Festival is officially recognized as a public charity with tax exempt status under section 501(c)3 of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Your contributions to the Festival are tax deductible.

The Festival’s mission is to attract nationally recognized and aspiring authors, nurture writing and reading programs for young people, and broaden our reach to the community. There are three important ways you can support the Festival:

– by attending author readings and panels throughout the day

– by volunteering your time

– by making a tax-deductible donation

Thank you to Merritt Bookstore for providing all book sales and for their generous support.

Thank you to all the authors, volunteers and members of the community who have helped foster this tradition.